Maria Domenica Brun Barbantini

Maria Domenica Brun Barbantini was born in Lucca January 17, 1789 by Peter Brun source of Confederation and Joan Granucci Pariana, a small town in the province of Lucca.

Of open and intelligent, happily spends little to early childhood care Mammoli between the mother and the father's strict upbringing.

His adolescence was marked by four instead of mourning, the death of his father and three siblings to a short distance from each other.

With the help of the patient's maternal guidance, Maria Domenica exceeds the drama of grief and enters the youth charged with dreams and hopes, all engaged in the study of humanities and religious, their middle-class bourgeois of his time and his city.
On April 22, 1811, in the Cathedral of St. Martino in Lucca, Maria Domenica married fellow Barbantini Savior.

It is a marriage of love and many expectations, but after just five months before the wedding, "the husband adored" tragically died suddenly, leaving Mary alone Sunday already expecting a child.

Faced with the painful trial, the widow, barely twenty-two, wept and sobbed, but can not be taken by despair: she kneels before the crucifix, the same night of the terrible tragedy and, embracing him, says his breath with these words: "Oh my God .. the God of my heart ... I've beaten to blood ... you alone, my Crucifix well, you will be henceforth the sweetest of my husband ... my one and only love, my eternal portion. "

A total and irrevocable consecration that comes on the ordeal of an immense pain and cruel, but lighted by a living faith, a hope without limits, from a theological love authentic.

From that moment she was born in the "passion" to serve the sick and poor of his city alone.

Because the care of the child care all day, she heroically devoted a few hours of the night care of the sick in private homes.

But another test awaits the young widow: Lorenzino, her favorite son, who was all the consolation of Mary Sunday on earth, died almost suddenly, struck by serious illness, aged just eight years.

From a broken marriage and motherhood broken, Maria Domenica rise to greatness through total surrender to God in a Christ-nuptial and a total and universal spiritual motherhood.

From now on, his mother's heart burn with love, tenderness and care for the sick poor and alone, to the abandoned, for the dying.

Often, after a full night's service, he followed the day without taking food. Sometimes assailed by a terrible sleep, while the attending came to put tobacco in their eyes; nannies gave her a remedy for severe distress, yet effective way to keep them awake and depriving the sick of his help and comfort.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, was chased by unknown evil-minded, strong and courageous woman was not intimidated by anyone, and she was in her heart a flame that could not turn to service and treat Jesus himself hidden in the face of the sick and suffering.

The richness of its human and spiritual qualities, including intelligence, creativity, courage and resourcefulness, not escaped the attention of the Bishop and clergy of his city. In fact, they entrusted the task of establishing a monastery of the Visitation in Lucca for the education of youth.

Maria Domenica, docile to the voice of the pastors and responsive to the call of the Church, accepted the generous commitment and determination.

His zeal for the glory of God, made her able to face any difficulty. After about six years of intense work and tribulations, she succeeded in order to give the city of Lucca desired monastery, which still exists today and full of spiritual and apostolic vitality.

When the work of the Visitation, emerges clearly, in irrepressible Maria Domenica prophetic vocation: to found a religious Congregation of the Oblate Sisters Nurses to serve Christ in the sick and suffering aching limbs, full-time and throughout his life.

She died in Lucca on 22 May 1868, leaving the Institute in a small number, but strong in spirit, generous in service to the sick.

She was buried in the sacristy of the Chapel of Villa Volpi in Mammoli where he enjoyed relaxing summer.

On May 17, 1995, the beatification in Piazza S. Peter, John Paul II solemnly proclaimed "Blessed" Maria Domenica Brun Barbantini, pointing to the real world as a witness "a real love for the last Gospel, the marginalized, the sores, a love of gestures of attention, of Christian consolation, of selfless dedication and tireless proximity towards the sick and suffering.











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